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Here at Collateral Cacophony we like to broadcast what you want, when you want! A little over 3 years ago we entered the world of radio broadcasting with nothing but a music library and a dream to become the best radio station available. Just like you, we were tired of listening to the same old songs on the radio ten times a day on repeat. Just like you, we grew tired of tuning through channels to find a station that isn't playing ads at the same time as every other station. One day we grew tired of dead radio and repeated songs, and thus Collateral Cacophony was born with a goal to provide diverse and unique music so that everyone can find something they can rock out to! You can learn more about us here!

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Diverse Track List

At Collateral Cacophony we are always expandingour music libary to keep a diverse playlist. We broadcast music of all different genres from electronic to rock, indie to metal, and dance to punk! To help keep our track list growing we accept song requests, submissions, and suggestions on our website and through telephone. More information on submissions and reccomendations can be found here! We encourage you to tune in, give our broadcast a listen, and even expand your music library!

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Sponsorship Programs

If you've listened to our broadcast for more than a few tracks then you know we refuse to play any ads! But we can't do that without our listeners donations and our sponsorship program. We know how annoying ads are, but they are an effective way to pay for studio equipment and upkeep. We won't play them as long as we can afford to, and to compensate for that we have our sponsorship programs! And if ad-free braodcasts isn't enticing enough, our sponsorship programs come with some special perks as well, such as being placed in a priority queue for song requests!

Sponsorship Programs